Fuel Card - The “Informed” Fuel Manager

Imagine if your trucking business had a fuel card that also offered innovative added benefits including fleet management tools, purchase controls, ability to monitor price trends and was accepted at most major truck stops nationwide.

With EFS, you have two great options to better manage your fleet.

> The Fuel card gives your company access to a wide network from which to pinpoint low-priced fuel options.
> The Universal card is a one-card solution that gives you all the conveniences of the Fuel card, plus helps you efficiently manage and maintain your payroll program.

Both cards provide you with all of the benefits listed below.

Features Benefits

Universally accepted for fuel and repairs at most major truck stops:

> Includes Flying J, Pilot, Petro, Love's, TA, and many independents

> Access to major fuel locations nationwide.
Flexible fuel card program

> Capture valuable management information from the point of sale

> Specify authorized products and limits for certain purchases

Tools you can use to better manage your fuel expenditures

> Administer your account on the web at www.efsts.com/trucking

> Look at fuel pricing trends nationwide and design a unique truck stop network

Fleet Management Tools with the Fuel Card
The fleet management tools can help you manage your cost-per-mile and control fuel expenditures for drivers through designing a custom truck stop network.

To learn about the additional benefits of the Universal Card, click here.